Send In the Reinforcements

Last weekend the boys and I had a visitor. It was so great to have my sister here! Just having another person in the apartment to help with the wild bunch was a total blessing. After a week where seemingly everything that could go wrong, did... It was great to relax and get to visit and catch up with her.

Something difficult about being away from so many people that I love is that when we make a trip back, there are very few people that we actually get to see. Plus, the visits are way too short and way too hectic. So, that's why it's absolutely great when people make the trip down here. Then we get extended, uninterrupted time with our visitors.

Besides time to visit, her being here allowed me to take a shower with the door closed. That is luxury I haven't been able to enjoy since Brian left. It goes without saying, that our boys are beasts. Leaving them alone or unattended for extended periods of time is truly a recipe for disaster. So while Erin was in town I got to take 3 whole showers... All with the door closed, each more than 3 and half minutes! Woo hoo.

Needless to say I was so sad to see her go. I just miss being near her and all my family so much. I'm thankful for the visit we were able to share and hopeful that she will come back once we're officially in the house!

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