It's Official

As of yesterday, we are FINALLY homeowners. It only took 2 months, 5 contract addendums, 3 threats to walk away from the deal and a whole lot of patience to make it happen. I can honestly say it was a nightmare to negotiate this purchase, but we couldn't be happier with the outcome. The house is gorgeous and we are now making lists a mile long of things that we need to do in the next month before we move in.

Of course the closing day itself wouldn't have felt right if there hadn't been some drama. It was to be expected after all we've encountered in this process. My dad, who was also our loan officer, made the trip to Chattanooga late Tuesday night. We were scheduled to close at 1pm. Brian had to check in at work for a few hours, but my dad and I were enjoying a relaxing morning playing with the animals and hanging out. That is until 11:30 when my phone rang. Brian was calling to let me know that despite him taking the afternoon off, he was being called out on a trip. They had a departure time of 1:30! Fortunately, my pops and I were ready to roll when he called and we all hustled to the title company to get everything signed on the fly... So the hubby could fly.

It was my intention to take some goofy pictures of us signing the documents celebrating this whole nightmare coming to a close. But it turned out to be such a whirlwind, the hubby barely knew what he was signing before he left. There was hardly time for us to congratulate each other, much less have a photo opp. I was able to look over everything and sign a little slower... And thank goodness my dad was there so I didn't have to do it all-alone. The closing was pretty hectic and not anything like I expected it to look.

But, it's done. The locks have been changed, the utilities are in our name and we can start picking out paint colors! Let the home owning begin.

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Amie said...

congrats! home-ownership is soooooo much fun! your birthday gift finally shipped to me and now i'm super-excited to get it in the mail to you!can't wait to hear all of the details!