Verbal Agreements aren't Set in Stone

This is just such a pain in the neck. As of last night, we had come to a verbal agreement on the house (see my last blog). Our realtor put the offer (that we had already BOTH agreed upon, by the way) into writing and brian took it out to fax it at 9 o'clock last night. There was a short period of relief and then this afternoon the seller's agent started negotiating AGAIN!!! What the crap?

So, we've decided we are finished. We've passed along the message that our last offer was our final offer. If he'd like to sign the terms that he already agreed to, great, we'll get the house! But if not we're DONE negotiating with this guy. We're happy to walk away and let him play his games with someone else.

Don't get me wrong, we hate to lose this house. We hate to lose our rate. And we hate to lose all the time invested. But there comes a point when it just isn't fun anymore. And like the hubby said, "All this is ruining the house."

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