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I have to say I was pretty excited to hear that New Kids On the Block (or NKOTB as some of you may know them) are reuniting. They were such a big part of my middle school years! Only they were allowed to share bedroom wall space with Duran Duran, not a small honor if you ask me. I was fortunate enough to get to experience one of their live shows at six flags before they were selling out arenas across the country. Years later in a sociology class, I learned that their concert was my first experience with mob mentality. When Jenn and I got in line for seats (it was a "free" show with your paid park admission so seats were first come first serve) 3 hours prior to the show, I was familiar with the group. By the time the gates opened and we were allowed to rush like cattle into the amphitheatre, I was a screaming rabid fan. That short period, surrounded by throngs of screeching girls changed my mind, my heart and my musical taste.

Obviously, I found the show incredible. And looking back, it was probably not a bad first EVER concert to attend. The highlight was, of course, when Donnie picked ME out of thousands of girls to make eye contact with and wink at during "I’ll Be Loving You Forever." It was a special moment for the two of us and one that I’m quite certain he still cherishes.

The "kids" are looking a little older now. Hopefully their voices haven't aged as much as their faces. Not that live concert goers will be able to actually hear their voices over the thousands of 30 something screeching women. But, on the Today Show they promised they'd be dancing. This, for me, was the best part of their performance. Admit it; you can still remember the choreography to "the right stuff"... Hopefully, we'll get a chance to see those memorable moves again soon. Until then, check this video out so that you'll be prepared when they visit your town!

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