We've Decided to Move to Chattanooga

Weird, huh? Considering we've been living here for over a year now.

But it was brought to our attention recently that while our stuff has settled in Chattanooga, we are still living life like we are just visiting. Sure we both have jobs, we changed our licenses, and we signed a year lease at our apartment. But, behind most decisions is the thought, well, we won't be here all that long anyway. Brian has been known to say quite often, "I think we both know that Chattanooga isn't a long term stop for us." which may be true, but also leads to a very unsettled way of living life. And that attitude has kind of served as an excuse for me not to start to plant roots. I don't work so hard to build relationships and am rarely open to finding things that I truly enjoy about the city.

When challenged, we figured we needed to make a decision. Are we staying or are we going? Because the in between isn't really all that productive. And the funniest thing happened, when freely given the chance to throw in the towel, I found myself beginning to feel some loyalty to Chattanooga. I've begun finding things that are pretty cool about this little place. We've found some great restaurants, I’m loving my job, we have tickets to some shows coming up and the weather has been outstanding - I wore my winter coat for the first time today. Sure there are things that aren't ideal and things that I don't and may never understand about the city, but all in all things could be worse. For right now, this is the best place for us professionally and personally we're learning how to navigate and appreciate what Chattanooga has to offer.

So, we've decided to move to Chattanooga. I guess it's about time.

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