I'm Breaking My Silence

Up to this point, I’ve remained neutral and silent. Quite frankly, the writer's strike hasn't been that much of a problem for me. The diminished recording of scripted programming by our DVR has allowed me increased free time. The strike has done what I’ve failed to do without proper encouragement. It has gotten me to unglue myself from the idiot box. I've been able to catch up on reading, to be more consistent about writing, to play with my Christmas present (SimCity Societies ~ more on that another day), and to watch lots and lots of movies.

But today, I’m speaking up. Something has to be said. Now, I’m not going to pretend like I have a position on or solution to the royalty tug of war going on between the writers and the studio executives. I'm sure both sides have reasons for holding out, and I’m hopeful that vengeful greed isn't their main motivation. But something has to be done, and quickly.

I read today that NBC is probably going to cancel the golden globes!!!!!! This is just wrong on so many levels. First, the Golden Globes are the primer for the big dance - the Oscars. If we don't get a chance to be introduced to all the "players" this year, the Oscars simply won't be as fun. And what about the red carpet? The Globes' carpet is always the most star studded, since both television and movies are honored. How often do you get a chance to see Cate Blanchett's interview being hurried along to allow room for the cast of Ugly Betty? And the fashion... The Globes give everybody a dress rehearsal. This night provides a fashion "get out of jail free card". If the stylists mess up at the Globes, there's always the Academy Awards and vice versa. This is going to place an enormous burden on both star and stylist to get it right the first time. And last but not least, there is an open bar at the Golden Globes. The Hollywood foreign press liquors stars up, puffs them full of applause, hands them an award and sticks a camera in their face. Now that is good television!!!! Are they really going to deprive us of that spectacle??

After all, do we really watch these award shows for the horrible banter before or after the award is given? No! These are professionally trained (well some of them) actors and actresses. I think they can vamp for a couple of seconds and read nominees and a winner from an envelope. For heaven's sake, a lack of writers may actually improve the broadcast!!!!

Please, someone do something. Sunday is coming quickly. I'm jonesing for a red carpet and some sappy, slurred acceptance speeches. Aren't there enough of our entertainment dollars out there to go around? Please play nice, share with one another and don't punish the public for your inability to cooperate. Or, at least call a truce for a night so that we can all enjoy the Golden Globes as scheduled.

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