the next decade

this birthday brought me officially into my 30s.

i was crazy busy this time last year and not cognizant of the milestone that i was passing by turning 30. my new, "less hurried" lifestyle has allowed me to be more contemplative at 31. it's time to be realistic about what is and what is to come. i've noticed significant changes between "me" in my 20s and "me" in my 30s. now, i'm not talking about the obvious changes that have had more to do with my choices than my age. i'm talking about the "gifts" that i have received courtesy of the maturation process.

- my metabolism is definitely slowing down. it hasn't come to a screeching halt yet, thank God. but there are now visible consequences to pigging out.

- when i'm on my feet for hours at a time, i ache afterwards. and this ache doesn't only last for a few hours, it lasts for a couple of days. my feet and my back now go on strike when they are mistreated.

- one of my birthday wishes was for a day that i didn't have to do housework. housework, seriously? when did i start doing housework?

- dying my hair isn't just for fun anymore. there is now an objective. i have a specific reason to sit down in the colorist's chair.

- 40 doesn't seem that old. honestly. i look at friends and family who are 40 and beyond, and they aren't old like 40 year olds used to be.

i'm sure as this year passes i will receive more and more gifts. i wish that i could say that i was looking forward to all of them... luckily, i can say that those negatives have been accompanied by some positives too. 30 has brought me a newly found comfort in my skin. i feel less apologetic about who i am and how i look. i feel less inclined to try to be someone i am not (well, except for the hair color!!!). i've embraced my pale skin, my birthmark, my sweaty hands and my less-than-hourglass figure. even more importantly, i better understand my personality - both its strengths and its weaknesses. so despite the "gifts" that i keep receiving, the positive differences make me optimistic about this decade and what i have in store.

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KC said...

Amen to everything you said!! (except for the sore feet and back, that has always been happening with me :) As usual you put it into words all my thoughts, much better than I could. Happy birthday again, I love the new 31-year old you.