OOOh, OOOh, OOOh, OOOh, OOOOOOOOOh... i got a new attitude

It could be my new hair cut & color, it could be that the sun is shining, it could be hormonal, but I'm pretty sure it isn't. I'm pretty sure that it is God's mercy that is bringing me out of my funk.

Over the last week, I've felt some glimmers of hope, received answers to some prayers and recognized some sin that needs to be changed in my life. I've seen possible new friendships on the horizon and we've acknowledged that this town isn't a long term choice for us (woo hoo!!!!!). By the grace of God my outlook is changing. I'm trying something new. I've realized that "hating" isn't going to make our time here go any quicker.

This isn't a mask, this is character development. This isn't me "faking it to make it", this is God's hand at work in my life. I'm grateful, excited and realistic that this isn't going to be a simple transformation. I'm a work in progress.

And now for the bad news: unfortunately for you as a reader, this change may not be favorable. Historically speaking, I write best when I'm in turmoil. So, I apologize in advance if this "new attitude" sends the quality of my posts into the toilet. Hang in there, I'll try my best.

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