Did I Watch a Different Movie?

On Christmas day, being far away from family and friends, we decided to go for a movie marathon. My first choice for the day was "Dreamgirls". I had been swept up in all the hype and was more than excited to see the musical on the big screen.

Now, before you worry that I’m about to trash it, I’m not. I thought the movie was fine. Jennifer Hudson was outstanding, Beyonce looked amazing, the costumes were stunning and the musical numbers were fun. But seriously, Eddie Murphy? What did I miss? While I wouldn't go as far as saying he wasn't entertaining, was that performance really worth the accolades it is receiving? With only 5 performances chosen from the 300+ movies eligible, should his really be singled out as Academy Award worthy?

I will not argue that 2006 was a stellar year for film. Quite frankly, it left a bit to be desired. But was it so bad that the Academy has decided to give the best supporting actor award to an extended version of "James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Party"? It isn't even like he added depth to the character. Sure he pouts when told "No" and eludes to drug abuse - but not particularly well...

I'm not an Eddie Murphy hater; some of his performances have been good for a laugh. And the recent death of James Brown allows for a little drama in the acceptance speech (though, Murphy doesn't seem the type to willingly share the spotlight with the obvious inspiration for the role). It's just, the thought of movie posters touting "Academy Award Winner, Eddie Murphy as 'Norbit'" is a little more than I can stomach.

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