X is for XOCO

When we arrived in Chicago we made sure to make a B Line for Rick Bayless' Frontera Grill. Our meal turned out to be the stuff of legends. So imagine my joy when I discovered that XOCO (449 North Clark Street, Near North Side), Bayless' quick serve cafe packs all the punch of its fancier siblings.

When you're tummy is growling and you need a little Mexican goodness, "X" is definitely for XOCO.


XOCO (pronounced SHO-co) will not disappoint.

So far, I've tried the XOCO salad, the Aztec hot chocolate and the churros with chocolate dipping sauce. Honestly, I'm not sure what I consider my favorite. Seems like there wouldn't be a comparison between chocolate and a salad, right? Then you must not have ever tried the XOCO salad. Who dreams about a salad? ME. Especially when the salad involves pork carnitas and avocado-lime dressing. I've come dangerously close to licking the bowl.

XOCO isn't a huge space, so you definitely feel cozy while dining. But the service, price and food is so top notch I don't mind snuggling one single bit.

I had the pleasure of meeting my friend Tammy there for a little get-to-know-you time earlier this month. And if it hadn't been our first time meeting I might have asked for a bite of her torta. I just thought maybe sharing should wait until our second friend date.