First Day of School

My docent classes started last week! I am now officially a Chicago Architecture Foundation docent trainee.

A week or two ago I opened up an email with information about the first day of class and I was a bit concerned when I got to the suggestion that I bring a pencil. Apparently each class session includes  building observations out and about, around the city. In the past students have had trouble with the ink in their pens freezing.

What the?!?

I can officially say this is the first time I'm feeling very pleased we're in the midst of a mild winter.

Source: bloggy stuff via Pinterest
I imagine I look this chic when I'm studying.

Since it's been a decade a couple of years since I was student, I've quickly realized that a few things (other than just the suggested writing instrument) have changed ... but a few things haven't.

Has Changed:
  • All of our homework is submitted through Google Drive
  • I never dozed off one time during the lectures
  • I was EARLY for class
Hasn't Changed:
  • I was doing my homework until 10:45PM the night before class
  • I had a tummy-ache on the first day of school - although this time it was from nerves not being hungover...
  • I'm totally the teacher's pet (actually this isn't confirmed, but in my imagination it's true)
I'm sure as classes continue over the next few months these lists will grow. But no matter what is added, I'm so excited to be a student again! I'm excited to be challenged and inspired and challenged a little bit more.

Any advice to share with a student returning to the classroom after an extended break?