Sunday... or Saturday... or Sunday

There was a hair-tastrophy in my world this week.

If we're connected on Facebook (... and if we aren't, why aren't we? wanna like me?!?) you've already been notified.

Carzy Hair-do Disaster
{photo source}

As a result, I've been trying to figure out what to do with the "brown football helmet" that has taken up permanent residence on my melon. Blogging has taken a back seat in this time of panic and tragedy.

Yes, I realize the irony of complaining about my hair when there was a REAL catastrophe* this week.

To ease my poorly coiffed self back into blogging, I'm writing a simple post. I'm blatantly stealing this idea from my friend Charlotte of The Daily Snapshot. Months ago she did a Sunday Evening post like this and I kind of loved it.

Here's the thing though, this post is publishing on Sunday. Buuuuut, I'm actually writing it on Saturday. So, this is my Saturday on your Sunday. Too much explanation? Probably.

Here's what my world looks like:

Weather: Grey, cloudy and chilly.
Reading: Kabul Beauty School
Doing: Playing photographer for my friend Erin over at Loop Looks - check her blog for our collaboration all next week!

{just a sneak peek!!}

Eating: Enough Halloween candy to be ashamed of myself
Drinking: water, coffee, water, coffee, water, coffee
Listening: It's a Bluegrass kind of day
Buying: Nothing because we already bought ALL. OF. THE. THINGS. on Thursday.
(New month = new budget)
Enjoying: The fact that I get to see Royal Winnipeg Ballet preform Moulin Rouge!!

Loving: By the time you've read this I will have finished the Hot Chocolate 5K!! That means I'll have a belly full of chocolate and my 2nd race under my belt.

What does YOUR Sunday look like?