Mmm Mmm Monday: Sweet & Savory

How wonderful is it to have a friend and fellow blogger offer to write a restaurant review on your blog? I assure you, it's pretty wonderful. Charlotte, my long time bloggy buddy turned real life friend, visited Chicago recently and chowed down at Milk and Honey Cafe. Because she's incredibly generous, she agreed to share her experience here. 


Earlier this month, my husband, Jordan, and I took a weekend trip to Chicago.  Like Molly, I feel that a key ingredient to a great vacation is great food.  Jordan chose Milk and Honey Cafe (1920 W. Division Street) for our Saturday brunch, and it was the perfect addition to a wonderful vacation.

We gave ourselves realistic expectations for going to brunch at 10 am on a Saturday.  It was going to be crowded; we would have to be patient.  However, the hostess kept things moving, and we were seated within 20 minutes.  Also, we needed that time to choose what we wanted to eat, so it did not go wasted.  My husband chose the huevos rancheros.  I got the ham, cheddar and corn waffle, with a fig-syrup steamer on the side.

Every kitchen employee deserves a raise, because our food came out in about 5 minutes.  They must be wizards back there.  Food wizards.  My waffle was the best savory waffle I've ever eaten.  It was topped with corn - delicious, spicy, candy-like corn.  And I don't even like corn!  The mind-blowing deliciousness continued with the fig steamer.  Milk and Honey makes their own syrups, and this one was a fig, vanilla and black pepper one.  Upon first sip, it was sweet, but the black pepper crept in as you went on.  I couldn't share any with my husband, since he's lactose-intolerant, but hey, more for me!  Jordan raved over his huevos rancheros as well.

Besides a lovely experience, Milk and Honey confirmed how much I love sweet/savory combinations. I doused my savory waffle in syrup; chicken and waffles with syrup is also high on my list. The fig and vanilla, mixed with black pepper was right up my alley. I know some people keep their sweet and savory separate, but I think it only adds a depth of flavor when you bring these two together.

Next time you're in the Wicker Park area, consider stopping by Milk and Honey Cafe!

Do you enjoy sweet and savory together?


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