Thankful Things

Last weekend my very sweet friend Cameron visited Chicago! It was a trip we've both been looking forward to since we hugged goodbye in Chattanooga last January.


Donut Vault Disney Princess @ the Disney Store

We spent a LOT of time eating. I mean, a LOT of time eating. We also made 3 trips to the Disney store. (Cameron has been compared to a real life Disney Princess because of her rosey outlook on life) With the time left over, we scoured the city in search of Divergent locations.

Both Cameron and I read and loved Veronica Roth's books (Divergent and Insurgent).

Yep. Happiness is having a friend that you can read young adult dystopian fiction with and then obsessively discuss it and hunt down the book's locations while on vacation.

Happiness is also having a husband willing to join you on your adventure and take goofy pictures...

Merciless Mart
re-enacting the elevator scene at the merciless mart

Hancock Tower in Fall Ready to Zip-line down
ready to zip-line off the hancock

Chicago Ferris Wheel - Navy Pier Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

On the Ferris Wheel
we rode the ferris wheel instead of climbing it while playing capture the flag

The Hub
we avoided the hub like the plague

Mandatory "Bean" Pic Erudite Headquarters
looking for Caleb at "the bean" and the erudite headquarters

Signature Lounge

Even though we have facebook and phone calls and plenty of text messages to keep us connected, it was really fun to get to share a few uninterrupted days together. I'm incredibly thankful for Cameron's friendship and for the memories that were made during last weekend's visit.

Nothing like a little bit of sentimental sappiness to start the weekend off right, right?