Thankful Things

"I don't look for bliss, just contentment." 
~ Alison Krauss

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The thing about contentment is, sometimes when you rest in it, bliss sneaks up and kisses you on the cheek.

I mentioned on the A Foreign Land Facebook page yesterday that this week has been full of things for which I am incredibly thankful.
  1. The Grant Park Music Festival is still going on! This means free concerts in Millennium Park on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. And it turns out that up in the seats, the audience is very well behaved. (unlike many people on the lawn)
  2. I'm currently caught up in a mad love affair with Washington Street.
  3. When you relocate, one headache is finding new doctors, dentists, vets, stylists, taxidermists (just kidding we haven't stuffed any deceased pets - yet). It's scary stuff trusting your body, pet, and hair to the care of a total stranger. But this week, I was able to cross another one off the list when I was referred to, Scott at Natural Elements Salon. He was fantastic and I feel pretty again. (Though, that doesn't mean I don't miss you like crazy, Miss Cameron.)
  4. Work has kept me busy this week and I even had a chance to publish a post on the Weaving Influence blog
A weekend visit from family and cooler temperatures over the next few days means this list will probably continue to grow throughout the weekend.

But, enough about me, what about you?
Has bliss kissed you at all this week?