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Happy Button Swap Guest Post Day! 
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Have you noticed Jenn's totally chic button on my sidebar this month? Well, today she's stopping by to say, "Hello." In the short time Jenn and I have been bloggy buds, I've found her to be sweet, kind and incredibly supportive. Because of that, Jenn's blog is one of my regular reads. 

Jenn is currently living in Worcester and having a tough time adjusting - a feeling I am all too familiar with. Given her feelings for her current location, I was super excited when she agreed to write and share a post about Boston instead. Since Boston is a city that I haven't spent much time exploring, I'm looking forward to a virtual visit today.

Take it away, Jenn!


Hi guys, I'm Jenn. I am so happy to be guest posting for the lovely Molly today. I blog over at Simplistic Living. It's a lifestyle blog where I share all of the things I love. You will find anything from DIY and recipe posts, to inspirational posts. I love sharing stories and pictures from adventures my soon to be husband and I go on. Come take a peek and follow along as we conquer graduate school and adulthood together. I always love new readers!

My fiance and I are from a very small town in New Hampshire. Most days I will complain and say I hated it, but I miss the area more and more each day! We moved to Boston right after we graduated from college in 2011. I hated city living at first, but I eventually fell in love with Boston over the year we spent there. We recently had to pack up and move again to Worcester, MA due to school and finances. I am not loving Worcester the least little bit.

Molly is always sharing her amazing adventures in Chicago, so I thought I would share some of my favorite adventures from Boston! I was going to attempt to find the good in Worcester, but so far I haven't found anything worth sharing. My heart is still in Boston and adjusting has been difficult!

My all time favorite spot in Boston is the Boston Public LibraryHave you ever been? If you are ever in the area I highly suggest stopping in. Maybe it's my love affair with books, or maybe it's the architecture in the building, but I can't get enough of the library! They have an insane selection of CD's and DVD's, and of course every book you could ever want. But they also have a little courtyard with fountains where you can go outside and read. Plus, there is a small cafe, an art gallery, a room filled with maps, and so much more to look at. Here are a few pictures. Hopefully they make you want to visit one day.

My second favorite spot in Boston is a town called Brookline. I could spend hours (and probably have) in their bookstore called the Brookline Booksmith. It's incredible inside. The top  floor is all new books, and a little gift shop. The downstairs is all used books!

Seriously, I have a book obsession, but it's wonderful inside. After we stroll around the bookstore we either pop into Temptations cafe and grab a coffee, and split the chicken pesto sandwich or we head over to Berry Freeze and treat ourselves to some frozen yogurt. There is also a new pizza place called Otto that just opened, and it's heavenly.

Brookline has everything I need. There is a Trader Joe's for grocery shopping, quite a few delicious restaurants, some boutiques, and even bigger stores like the Gap. Seriously, it's one of my favorite places in Boston. It feels a lot less "city" and a little more suburban. It was only about a 15 minute walk from our apartment and it was never ridiculously crowded like other parts of Boston.

Did I make you want to visit? I'd love to be your tour guide! Here are a few pictures...

Do you have any favorite spots where you live? 
I'd love to hear about them! 
Come stop by Simplistic Living and say, 'Hi.' 
I promise to welcome you with open arms!


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