A Tour of (most of) Our Place in Chicago

Our apartment in Chicago's South Loop was only the second place we looked at during our Thanksgiving weekend hunt. It had only been on the market for 11 days. It had every single need we had listed before we started looking and nearly every single want too.

When I walked down the hall and into the room pictured below, my jaw dropped.

Living Area

For the past five months, all of which I have been promising to share these pictures, we've had the pleasure of calling this place home. Truthfully, it's been a dream.

living room

We've cut our living space in half, we've said goodbye to the notion of any private space, and we've worked to make the space our own.

Moving into a one bedroom loft from a three bedroom house meant there was a lot of furniture to sell, donate or store. There was a good deal of purging that had to happen and there were moments of, "Where are we going to put everything?!?"

Living Area with Cat

But we did it and I can say that we're stronger for it. Now the things we have are essential and used regularly. We made a decision while we were packing and I'm so glad we stuck to it. We decided we could either purge some of the "mementos" and things then or continue to carry them with us so that someone could purge them when we croak. (Sorry if that's morbid - but you know what they say, "You can't take it with you.")

Truthfully, it's been totally liberating.

We've also had to change the way we shop. Take for example something as simple as buying paper towels. Even that is a bit different now. We used to buy the value sized 10 roll pack. In our house there was room to store them. But not anymore. We buy MUCH smaller quantities of everything now. It's been a shopping habit that has had to change.

But it's all been worth it.

Clearly our boys (Vance the cat - above - and Spike the dog - below) feel right at home here too.

Living Area with Dog

We're looking forward to finishing out our lease and if the stars align, maybe even signing another.


We love the place, appreciate our landlords, enjoy the neighborhood and feel right at home.

Believe me, I pinch myself everyday.

What's making you pinch yourself about your life right now?