Mmm Mmm Monday: Pancakes

I've made a very important decision.

I'm finished ordering pancakes for brunch.

Bananas Foster pancakes at Nookies
Bananas Foster Pancakes at Nookies

Now, before you turn on me, hear me out.

Every time the waiter brings the menu, the fancy pancakes tempt. They sound rich and decadent. They seem like a perfectly indulgent treat to order for brunch.

And then they arrive at the table and all I can think is, "Woah."

Oreo Pancakes at Bongo Room
Raspberry Oreo Flapjacks at Bongo Room

It only takes a few delectable bites to know that I've done it again. I've ordered deliciously wrong.

Lemon ricotta & Sour Cherry pancakes at Bongo Room
Lemon Ricotta and Sour Cherry Hotcakes at Bongo Room

Without a doubt they taste like heaven. But. Typically I am able to eat only about a quarter of what is on my plate. I always feel guilty leaving so much food behind. And I walk out of the restaurant feeling 20 pounds heavier and ready for a nap.

So, I've made a decision. Despite the collection of out-of-this-world pancakes that I've had the pleasure of ordering and eating over the past few months, I'm done. The hubby and I have made a vow. No matter how tempting and decadent they sound, no matter how much we think we're going to love those few bites we can actually eat, we will never, ever again order pancakes at brunch.

But please, I beg you, don't let my decision stop you from ordering these incredible yummies if you find yourself at Nookies or Bongo Room any time soon.

Any rules you try to follow when ordering brunch?