How To Dress like a NATO Protester

If you're headed to the Loop this weekend to protest NATO, you've probably already got your ensemble planned. It seems, from looking at the protesters milling about, that there must have been some sort of dress code that was distributed. But just in case you're still trying to get your look together, or you didn't get the memo, I'm here to help.

The look consists of a few simple pieces that you may already have in your closet. On their own these pieces aren't much. But when combined together, they create a very distinctive "F the Police" look. Here's the rundown:

1. Bandannas are a necessity. They serve multiple purposes. First, they keep the media from capturing your face for identification purposes. No need to worry as you hurl a urine filled balloon at law enforcement. (Yes, I've heard this is happening. Lovely.) Second, they will collect sweat as temperatures continue to rise this weekend. Most importantly though, nothing jazzes up an ensemble like a jaunty neckerchief. So wear them with pride.

2. Camouflage seems to be the "go-to" print this protesting season. Seriously, I haven't seen this much camo since, quite frankly, ever. Camouflage cut offs are even better - as seen on the protester I caught on Michigan Ave - beat the heat and make a fashion statement all at once. Now that's what I call protester chic.

How to dress like a NATO Protester

3. Black is the new black. From combat boots to protest t shirts, all the most fashionable protesters are covered in black. And why not? It's menacing. It's slimming. It's screams, "I'm here to object to your policies, NATO."

How to dress like a NATO Protester

So while the occupy movement might not have a united, cohesive complaint, it is clear they've agreed on one thing. They've agreed what to wear to this weekend's events. Don't stick out like a 1%er. When you come to protest, please, dress accordingly. 

What's your go-to protest ensemble?