Mmm Mmm Monday: Sweet Tooth

I've got cupcakes on my mind today. Truth be told, I've got cupcakes on my mind most days. Earlier this month, I confessed my newly formed allegiance to Sprinkles cupcakes. But, Sprinkles isn't the only game in town. Over the past few months, I have worked hard to make just a dent in what seems to be a never ending list of cupcake bakeries in the Chicago area. It has been an exhausting task. But it has been one that I've put my heart and soul and thighs into.

Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcake from Sweet Mandy B's

I started with Sweet Mandy B's (1209 W Webster Ave, Lincoln Park). This one came highly recommended by a few local friends. The shop was bright, feminine and cheery. The display of cupcakes and cakes was mouth watering. And my banana, chocolate chip cupcake was delightful. My only complaint? The icing. I'm not a huge fan of sugar icing. So although Sweet Mandy B's cake was delectable, the icing (because of my personal preference) left me with a bit of a sugar rush.

More Cupcakes

Next up, More Cupcakes (1 E Delaware Pl, Near North Side). These little treats were a happy accident. I was in need of a cupcake pick-me-up and More Cupcakes was the closest shop to where my sweet husband was when I asked him to bring some home. We were both impressed. Each cupcake came packaged in a little "to go" box, and their clean, simple branding was a feast for my eyes. The cupcakes didn't disappoint either. Straight forward flavors (at least the ones the hubby chose) and minimal "decorations" meant we could focus on what's important, eating them. And eat them we did, quickly.

But, I have to say my heart belongs to Molly's Cupcakes (2536 N Clark St, Lincoln Park). Maybe it's the name. Maybe it's the fact that these were my birthday cupcakes. But, I'm pretty sure it's just because they were delicious. Molly's cupcakes were a bit more flashy than the cupcakes I usually gravitate toward. Filled with creams, fruits and special surprises Molly's are what my girlfriend refers to as "sexy" cupcakes. There is a lot going on with these cups of cake. But all of it works. They smelled so good coming out of the box even my cat wanted to try them. But you can bet your sweet bippy I didn't share a bite.

Are you a fan of simple or "sexy" cupcakes?
Which cupcake bakery should be next on my list?