Mmm Mmm Monday: Caffeine Edition

Finding a regular coffee shop is a very important step of making a new a place feel like home. We were incredibly fortunate that our hunt didn't take very long. When we moved to Chicago's South Loop earlier this year, Overflow Coffee Bar (1550 S. State Street) quickly became our go-to coffee shop. From my first Nutella Mocha, I was hooked.

Locally owned and operated, Overflow impressed us with its coffee but won our loyalty with its mission. That's right, it's a coffee shop with a Mission, stated values and a Vision! Overflow wants to do more than just caffeinate its customers. Overflow wants to be part of enriching the community.
We wish to be seen as a true 'third place.' Overflow is the place in the South Loop where people feel at home when they are outside their homes, where people can work and study in a relaxing atmosphere and where people get engaged in activities that change the world.

Their engagement in the community can be seen through a community events calendar that is connecting neighbors, their support of local artists, and their intention to give a portion of their profits back to local non-profits. Overflow is plugged in to the South Loop community.
L'Overflow Speziato
The Speziato

You're probably asking, "What about the coffee?" First let me say, "Yum." I have zero complaints. One of my favorite treats The Speziato. It's a coconut milk latte with chocolate, hazelnut and a dash of cayenne pepper. It sounds like there is a lot going on in that cup but I assure you it is a delightful combination and all the flavors play well together. And if how their product tastes isn't your only concern, here's the skinny on how the beans make it into Overflow's grinders. Overflow buys from Coffee Ambassadors. Coffee Ambassadors is an independently owned Chicago roaster who, according to the Overflow website, "buys coffee beans directly from farmers at a rate of 25% more than fair trade." Not too many stops along that path. The short supply line from the farm to my cup has to play a part in Overflow's delicious product.

Over the past few months it's become my favorite, "let's meet at" place. Overflow's shop is spacious and comfortable. There is plenty of room to get a little bit of work done on the complimentary Wi-Fi or to sit and read a book. (They even have a little book swap station if yours ends before you're ready to leave!) I particularly love the huge windows that look out on State Street. I will even admit to staring blankly out those windows more than once while I wait for the caffeine to jump start my brain.

For more information on Overflow's mission, their store hours or a list of upcoming events, check out Overflow's website.

What was it about your "go to" coffee shop that won your loyalty?