App Odds and Ends

I wouldn't call myself a fanatic, but I do appreciate the convenience and usefulness of a well designed, original app. As a die hard iPhone junky, I'm thankful to have a vast array at my fingertips just a download away. And like so many of you out there, I think Instagram is the bee's knees. So when I heard about this little Instagram Blog Hop, I decided to join in the fun.

One of the hostesses ensured us that this will be a weekly occurrence, so if you're new to Instagram (I'm looking at you Android users) this might be a great way to make a few new friends. I haven't visited all of the participants, but I have been following "a night owl blog" for several weeks and always enjoy her Instagramic contributions. Hopefully they'll be a few other great finds in that linky list

Haaaaaaaave you met, Voxer? It turns your smart phone into a walkie talkie. As a person who does NOT like to chat on the phone this app is very appealing to me. Typically, I'd much prefer text or email to a phone call. But I have this friend, who will remain nameless (although here's her blog), who doesn't have text messaging enabled on her phone! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT? She doesn't text! Seriously. No matter how many times I say it still baffles me. Anyway, to get me - and everyone else she knows - to stop nagging her, she discovered Voxer. Voxer is an app that allows its users to share texts, pictures and voice messages with one another. We started playing with it yesterday and it's pretty much fun. Plus it will allow my friend to remain in the dark ages and avoid texting while still communicating with the outside world.

What new applications have you been playing with lately?