A Brazilian Escape in the Heart of Chicago

What's that, you say? Another FREE activity to keep us busy exploring Chicago? I know, I know, it's the second freebie I've posted this week. I would have saved it for next week, but this one has an expiration date. I wanted to share it with you guys as quickly I could.

Macy's Flower Show - Brazil

Until April 7th, my favorite Macy's on State Street, is hosting their annual flower show. This year's theme is Brasil: Gardens in Paradise, and as always it is free to the public. The show spreads itself out over several floors of the Chicago flagship store while its main exhibition is up on floor number nine.

"Brasil - Gardens in Paradise"

What a lovely way to put a hammock to use - though I think I prefer using one for relaxing...

Yesterday after walking through the main exhibit, I spent a little bit of time exploring the fine china department. There several stunning floral tablescapes on the sixth floor. The camera on my phone was working overtime as I gathered ideas to decorate the dining room we don't have.

Kate Spade New York - Grace Avenue
Kate Spade New York introduces Grace Avenue

Having just stumbled on the flower show, I was surprised how much there was to see. It was a perfect place to wander. My quick trip quickly turned into an hour + of gawking. Over the coming days there are tons of in-store events to keep you busy too! It's not only about flowers either. There are cooking demonstrations and live performances of the music and dance variety. If you're looking for info to also feed the brain while your eyes feast, stop by and visit the Plant Information Booth. There you'll meet with University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners. These volunteers provide a network of gardening programs and horticultural activities. They are available every Friday and Saturday from 11am-2pm, and every Sunday from 11:30am- 2pm.

Don't worry if you aren't in the Windy City, we aren't keeping Macy's Brasil: Gardens in Paradise all to ourselves. If you are in New York, Philadelphia, Minneapolis or San Francisco, click your city's name for local events.

Any time in your schedule to stop and smell the Corsage Orchids?

One might think that I'm being paid by Macy's the way I've been posting about the store lately. But, sadly, I am not. (Though I'm not opposed to that idea, Macy's. Call me.) I'm just sharing this information in case, like me, you're looking for fun FREE activities to fill your time.