Are You Trying to Tell Me Something, Red Line?

When I was in NYC I lived on the subway. I've successfully navigated DC's public transpo, jumped on the Metrolink in St. Louis to avoid Cardinal baseball traffic, and even battled the Parisian Metro. (When those damn workers aren't on strike - which is what a couple weeks per month?) But until Saturday, I'd never ridden the Chicago "L." 

Chicago Red line Hijinks

Since I'm still a newbie here in Chicago, and incredibly proud of it, I was pretty excited for my first "L" experience. We hurried to board a red line train at the Roosevelt station, found a seat and waited. 

And then we waited some more. 
And then we waited a few moments longer. 

Now even though this was my first "L" experience, it became clear very quickly that this waiting wasn't customary. First came the vague message over the loud speaker explaining that there was a delay. Next another message. But I knew for sure this wasn't business as usual when a police officer showed up on the platform explaining that we all needed to vacate the train immediately. She explained that our train had been re-routed and would be leaving from the elevated tracks. She seemed to be pretty antsy that we get a move on. The rest of the passengers just seemed to be pretty annoyed. 

I learned later that apparently someone had robbed a bank and slipped into the "L" to try and make a "getaway". He was discovered when the dye pack exploded. I mean, that's kind of dramatic. And annoying. And it added about 20 minutes to our trip. But, I got to flex my, "I'm so annoyed by the hassles that come with living in a big city" muscles a little bit. I may have rolled my eyes and let out a sigh as we found our way to correct platform. But inside I was excited to be part of such an commotion. (I told you... newbie.)

I've been riding the buses since we got into Chicago and haven't encountered nearly that much drama. So, I ask in all sincerity, is the "L" usually such a to-do? Because the CTA twitter feed is kind of leading me to believe this kind of stuff happens all the time. Does it?

My ride on the line got me thinking of one of the greatest Chicago films ever made. I'm talking sarcastically about On The Line starring Lance Bass of 'NSync fame. Remember that piece of cinematic genius? I think it was about as successful as the attempted bank robbery that complicated my "L" experience last weekend.

Have any "complicated" public transpo stories of your own to share?