When My Social Calendar Was Full

A strange thing about moving is the social calendar culture shock one experiences. Right before you leave, there are tons of "Last coffees," "Quick lunches," and "It's not goodbye, it's see you later get togethers." There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to spend the quality time that's needed with all the ones you love. The social calendar is filled to its brim. And then bam! You arrive in your new town and the social engagements are slim pickings. When you look at the calendar it's nearly empty. You find yourself reaching out and hoping people will be willing to fit you into their schedule. It is the strange period of being in between worlds. A time where everyday friendships transition into long distance relationships and you can't help but wonder who will fill those "everyday" gaps.

That transition is where I find myself right now. I'll admit, after all the craziness of moving, I am kind of relishing the quiet time. It's nice to spend time just the two of us together. But it does feel different.

In December and January, my calendar was jam packed full. Who knew that THIS GIRL would develop as many deep, meaningful relationships as she did? {Who knew that that girl would actually cry on the morning she left for good?} Who even knew? But she did. {And she did.} And now I'm in a brand new exciting and wonderful city and there are moments that I find myself nostalgic for ... wait for it ... Chattanooga. Can you even believe I just typed that? Yep, it shocked the hell out of me too. In all honesty, I'm probably nostalgic for the people of Chattanooga more than the city itself. But really, that's just as much of a surprise. Considering.

I figured while I'm all ushy, gushy, it might be a good time to share some of the fabulous last moments that I was too busy enjoying to blog about. These are just a handful of the people and events that are keeping me company until my social calendar comes back to life.

Hammock Happy Hour


Hammock happy hour with sweet friends
{Brought to you by Color Cloud Hammocks}


Coffee adventures with ladies who know what REAL snow looks like
{During blizzards that will shut a town down}


Hometown parades on a Saturday morning


Eggnog from scratch in our old kitchen
{Which is now available to rent, along with the rest of the house, if you're interested!!!}


Quick coffee catch-ups with friends and their little ones
{Could this be a Horizon add or what?}




And "Chicago" themed going away parties that will forever stay in my heart and memory
{For more photos and the story of the party, check out Lexi's blog}

And that, dear readers, is what the last few weeks in Chattanooga looked like from my point of view. There was plenty to do and plenty to love. My social calendar was full. It was glorious and I am thankful. Actually, I'm beyond thankful, I'm amazed. Sad to leave Chattanooga for good. Check.