Meeting My Snowy Needs

If we're connected on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I've been hoping and wishing for a bit of snow in Chicagoland. After all, before moving here, I got a closet full of new cold weather gear. It's only natural a girl would to want to put it to good use.

Today I got my wish.

Snowy weather smiles

It snowed!!

Pretty snow flakes

There were big fluffy white flakes falling from the sky in the South Loop.

Magic Boots

As I was getting dressed this morning it hadn't started yet. But I put on my snow boots in an act of wishful thinking. And what do you know? About 20 minutes later down came the flakes*. Therefore these boots will henceforth be known as magic boots.

Snowy Walk

The snow was so lovely, I passed up the ride home that I was generously offered. I opted instead to hoof it. During my walk I relished every lovely, chilly moment of the snowy goodness.

*There was definitely snow in the forecast. I'm not sure the magic boots are completely responsible for today's precipitation.