A Luminous Experience in Millennium Park

By now, if you're a Chicagoan, certainly you've heard about the video and sound installation in Millennium Park. If you aren't living in Chicago, I'm so sorry, this town is amazing. But let me introduce you to Luminous Field by Luftwerk.

Luminous Field

Until February 20th, Cloud Gate (I just learned it's official name... who knew it wasn't "The Bean"?) is getting all dressed up. A team of local artists has collaborated to create an exquisite interactive experience for passers-by to enjoy.

Behind the Magic of Luminous Field

Just after sunset enormous projector lighty things (Sorry if my technical jargon is going over your head) kick into gear filling the plaza with multi-color geometric designs. Meanwhile, music composed by Owen Clayton Condon tempts young and old to dance, play and interact with the ever changing colorful images.

Luminous Field Play

Luminous Field Reflection

Last night, on our belated Valentines date, we took a walk to AT&T plaza to see what all the excitement was about. We were not disappointed. The mild weather, dramatic cloud cover and hoard of dancing children wrapped in down all contributed to the memorable experience.

Luminous Field Poser
Look! Here's the obligatory "proof that I was here" shot.

I wore my down also but was too busy staring in awe and taking countless pictures to get my boogie on.

If you're in the Chicago area, you have three more chances to catch a glimpse of the wonderment. Tonight (Saturday the 18th) it will be going on in Millennium Park from 6-10pm, and then again on Sunday and Monday from 6-9pm. Get yourself there with a quickness!