A Finish Line That Begins A Whole New Journey

When I put the camera's memory card into my computer last night, I scrolled through pictures from December and January. Perhaps it's easy to guess by the veritable radio silence here at A Foreign Land that the last two months have been a whirlwind of activity. There have been hellos, goodbyes, adventures and quiet moments of reflection (many of which will be shared in the coming days). Looking back I can't quite believe we squeezed as much into December and January as we did. It is especially surprising considering that for six of the last eight weeks the hubby and I have been separated by many, many miles. We've had our attention and focus monopolized by little things like packing up an entire house and learning to fly a new airplane. All the while we knew it was just an exciting period of hectic transition and we looked toward an end that we knew was in site.

In Process
a work in progress...

It seems the end we looked toward has arrived. It's hard to believe February is here. For weeks I've been saying, "Things will calm down once February gets here." I was right. Sure, we still have an exorbitant amount of boxes to unpack. Much of our unpacked stuff has yet to find a permanent home in our 950 square feet of living space. There is furniture to assemble and inevitably another trip to Goodwill on the horizon. And of course we have a brand new city to discover and digest. But our pace has quieted. A daily routine has started to reveal itself. We are finally reunited. We are finally home.