Happy Thoughts (23)

The Book of Mormon Soundtrack
It's been on repeat in my car for the last week. It hasn't gotten old yet and I still laugh at every joke.
(In case you missed it, we saw The Book of Mormon and it was outstanding.)

Unexpected Gifts
After missing a shift last weekend, I was excited to unexpectedly pick up a few hours at work.

More Unexpected Gifts
So, it turns out that I have incredibly generous friends (not such a huge surprise). A couple of them are preggers and others of them are just in the midst of cleaning out - let's call it curating - their closets. As a result, I'm making a hall.  Turns out my self imposed shopping ban hasn't been as difficult as I anticipated thanks to the influx of  friends' clothes that has been making its way into my closet. I seriously have a whole new wardrobe to play with lately. It's pretty outstanding and I'm incredibly thankful!!!

Every once in awhile I feel like I get a glimpse of the bigger picture and it seems like I can see life moving by in slow motion.  It's a rush.

After those slow motion moments, I'm quickly reminded that I'm NOT in control.  Turns out the bigger rush comes when I close my eyes, trust God and enjoy the ride.

What's making you happy on this lovely Friday?