Fall Fashion Week: III

If you follow A Foreign Land on Facebook or little ol' me on Twitter you probably know that the handsome hubby and I spent the last week-ish in New York city. The fact that we've arrived back home smack dab in the middle of fall fashion week is probably good news for you. It means you are saved from the multitude of vacation wrap up posts that are swimming around my head. I have literally hundreds of pictures that I would love to share with you. I have many, many stories to tell, but fashion week has rescued you. Now you'll only have to read through a handful. Call it yet another reason to fall in love with fall fashion week.

{here's me posing it up at Lincoln Center}

That being said, you've stumbled onto a little bit of a hybrid fashion week/ trip log post. Hang in there, I won't go on too long.

During our visit, we had the opportunity to see three Broadway shows.  It was kind of out of control.

Now if you're keeping track, War Horse won the Tony for best play this year. The Book of Mormon won the Tony for best musical. And Anything Goes? It won for best revival.


I told you. It was out of control.
Wanna hear something even cooler? The tickets to War Horse were a gift from my mother in law.  (THANK YOU, MAGGIE!) The hubby won the tickets to The Book of Mormon in the ticket lottery on our FIRST TRY. (In case you're wondering how tough it is to get tickets, there was a lady in the box office buying tickets for the show in MAY.) Then we bought the Anything Goes tickets at the TKTS booth in Times Square (read: heavily discounted).

Go ahead, say it with me everybody, "Out of control."

I'd review the shows, but really it would just end up being a few paragraphs filled with words like, "outstanding," and "unbelievable," and "incredible." I'd gush and ooze even more and it would bore all of you to tears. Suffice it to say these shows won Tony awards for good reasons.  They really were incredibly outstanding and I find it unbelievable that we had the chance to experience them all in one week.  Guess that means we can cross "see a(nother) Broadway show" off the Ultimate To DO list!

Out. Of. Control.

Tie-Neck Blouse: Express :: Skirt*: Gifted / Thrifted / Talbots
Black Strappy Sandals: Me TOO :: Black Handbag: Inherited from my Mother-in-Law
Black Stud Earrings: F21 :: Red Belt: ABC Trading Co.

But enough about NYC.  Let's talk fashion week. If you haven't visited Emery's blog moms are for everyone it is time you do it. Not only are you going to get to meet Miss Emery and enjoy her amazing style, you'll find links to tons of other bloggers participating in the fashion week link up. I'm telling you, you'll thank me for it. Now, go.

*my skirt was a gift from my girlfriend Lisa who just happens to be one of the best thrift store shoppers on the planet