Saturday Morning Date


All last week I looked forward to Saturday morning.  I knew I'd have the house all to myself and a few hours of quiet to invest in my September issues. Needless to say it was glorious.

I was pretty thankful to discover that there aren't too, too many TOTALLY new trends for Fall. "Why," you ask would I be so thankful for such a thing? (Or maybe you didn't ask - but I'm going to tell you anyway.) A lack of too, too many new trends will make my latest undertaking a bit easier.  See, I've decided to follow in the footsteps of Karen @ My Goal is Simple. Although I'm not a Momma and am no longer in the rut of wearing just workout clothes and grungies every day thanks to my blog project Leaving the House in THIS?!?!, I am a sucker for a challenge. So, like Karen I've decided to attempt to stop buying clothes. While Karen vowed not to shop for six months, my challenge is only going until the end of 2011. And lest you think this is not such a challenge, may I remind you that FALL is just around the corner? And FALL is my most very favoritest time of year to buy new clothes. So, this will definitely be a challenge! Especially if you consider that we will spending a week in New York City next month.

The one bone I'm throwing myself is that I am allowed to purchase a few accessories - think tights, a new purse, a cute pair of flats, etc. I thought by giving myself a little bit of wiggle room, I wouldn't rebel completely and chuck the whole project when it gets really difficult. So far I'm about two weeks in. Panic hasn't set in as it usually does when I try to do something like this. And I haven't even bought an accessory yet. But, like I mentioned earlier, my Saturday morning date with the September issues helped to convince me that this might be possible. A lack of too, too many brand new trends means I should be able to work with what's in my closet and not feel like I'm missing out on all the Fall fashion fun.

Wish me luck and cheer me on?