A Public Service Announcement: How to Drive

Let's just go over this one more time...
The right lane is used for cruising at or under the speed limit.  The left lane is used for PASSING.

One would think that the "Slower Traffic Keep to the Right" signs now littering highways would be a pretty clear indicator of this truth.  However, I can attest after spending more than a few hours on the road over the past two weekends, this reality is not something that is at the forefront of most drivers' minds.  And if I can be totally honest, it is waaaaay annoying.  Here's a clue, if you find yourself in the left lane with nobody in front of you or to your right AND there are multiple cars traveling close behind you, get. the. heck. over.  And please do it, like, yesterday.

Now as long as I'm up on this soapbox, let me say something else.

If you are operating a vehicle with more than four wheels I believe you should automatically forfeit your right to use the left lane.  Period.  I'm talking to you tractor trailers and semis.  No passing for you.  All you do is clog up the road. You're big, I'm biased, deal with it. And as long as I'm inflicting arbitrary rules, I say any vehicle taller than six and a half feet loses its left lane rights too. (That height restriction shouldn't include all you breeders in the mini vans and urban assault vehicles, right? I mean, most of you guys are cool, I'm willing to share the left lane with you.)  But, super enormous Hummers and work vans/trucks, nope.  You aren't cool.  Stay to the right.

Basically, the bottom line is that everyone should just get out of my way.  There is nowhere on Earth that my entitlement is more apparent than when I'm operating a motor vehicle.  I believe I own the road and I am the queen of road rage. Watch out, I'm a mad woman behind the wheel.  A friend of mine said, "Yes, I'm a defensive driver. After all, the best defense is a good offense."  I couldn't agree more.

What are you like behind the wheel?