Happy Pining! (AKA My Mandatory Pinterest Post)

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned Pinterest? More specifically, remember that I was whining that I had been wait listed?  I had to wait a week after my request to get an invitation to join. I'll be honest, it tweaked me a little bit.

Well, it turns out that it's a fantastic website.  There I said it.  As much as I wanted to trash it because they made me wait a week to join, I just can't.  Pinterest is too, too much fun.  Seriously, the site is non-stop inspiration. Here's the deal.  Pinterest markets itself as a "virtual pinboard."  I consider it to be a virtual obsession.  Every time I open the site, I'm bombarded by pretty pictures, fashionable inspirationsappetizing recipes and inspiring DIY projects! The site is the simplest and most brilliant idea.  Using it has helped me to minimize my web bookmarks and I now have a way to discover, categorize and electronically store things visually.

Here are a few of my discoveries so far.

Source: flickr.com via Molly on Pinterest

Stenciled Hardwood Floors - Totally Chic

Creative Nail Art

Brown Butter, Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies? Yes, please.

Now, if I could close the website long enough to actually accomplish some of these inspiring ideas!!!

Have you caught the Pinterest bug? 
If you have please, please, please let me know what your user name is so that I can enjoy all of your pins.