Happy Thoughts (14)

Maybe Getting "Old" Wouldn't be ALL Bad
A sweet friend pointed out why I may be freaking out about getting older.  We just finished reading Water For Elephants.  I'm telling you, that book is about the worst picture of getting older that one could ever find.  (Once I see the movie, I'll share my opinion on both it and the book.  So, stay tuned.)
Anyway, when I see pictures like this, I wonder if getting older might not be ALL bad.

Beautiful Weather means Playing in the Park
Pizza (and doughnuts) in the park with a few of my favorite people in the world was a delightful way to spend a Saturday evening!

Catching Up Over Tiramisu
My cousin just recently moved to Nashville.  Since that's just a hop, skip and a jump from Chattanooga, I got to have dinner with her one night last week.  We had so much fun together I completely forgot to take the lens cap off my camera.  Suffice it to say, it's a trip I'll be making frequently this summer!

Training for a 10K
I've got my eye on the Riverbend 10K in June.  (a bit overzealous??)  The fun part is that the handsome hubby is getting in on the training!  Woo Hoo.

Steaks on the Grill that Smell so Good they 
Draw the Neighbor's Attention

What made you Happy this Weekend?