Just a Short Explanation

Last week was rainy and dreary and my attitude matched the weather a good deal of the time.

I'm working through some stuff (when am I not? I tell ya.).  The stuff is emotional baggage that I don't really feel like unpacking here for two main reasons:  1. It's exhausting and 2. Boundaries.  Anyway, last week's blue mood translated into not wanting to get all pretty and dressed up.  This is a problem when one hosts a blog on which her daily outfits are published.  The not wanting to get dressed up drama was compounded by my sheer exhaustion with the limited items from which I was allowing myself to create outfits.  This exhaustion led to temper tantrums (thrown inside of my head using my brain instead of outside of my head using my body.  I'll call that progress, thankyouverymuch.).  The temper tantrums lead to a lack of creativity. The lack of creativity left me feeling like blogging was work and therefore not at all appealing.

So I hid.  I hid and I considered killing both blogs with one swift keystroke.  Or maybe I only considered killing one blog, I don't know.  Either way, I stopped writing (other than churning out outfit posts to finish the dang challenge) and I stopped visiting blogs altogether.  While hiding out, I started to miss the days when blogging was fun.  I missed the days where I wasn't worried about how many visits or comments I got in response to each post.  I missed the days when my Google reader showed a manageable number of posts to read in a lifetime day. I missed my bloggy friendships.  So, I dipped my toe into the shallow end of my reader and checked in on a few friends just to see how they were doing.  It was fantastic to catch up with ladies that I respect and enjoy.

That's when I read this post.

It was so freeing to realize that I could just take a break.  After all, if Krystal had taken a break, surely it was okay to let myself off the hook.

So I started to take a break.  (did you notice?)  When it started I wasn't sure if it was a short or long term break... or perhaps a permanent one.  I still don't know.

But last night I read this post.

It was so cool to realize that this heavy load of creativity-sucking yuck might pass.  After all, if Linda could drop out and jump back in, maybe I can too.  Who knows?  Maybe my break will be shorter than expected.

But for now, I'm just continuing my break.  Feel free to enjoy the silence.

And I'll just plan to see you back here when my creativity returns.