Some Winnings..

Every once in awhile I realize just how many "To DO" lists I have going.  I'm certainly a listy type of gal, but how many are too many? I have my daily "to do" list, my weekly chore list, my Ultimate To DO list and then of course there's my Day Zero list.  Looking at that long list I wonder if perhaps it is one too many. I guess I could make a cut.  That settles it.  No more chores.

If only... {allows mind to wander to a world inhabited by self cleaning living spaces}

{Umm, totally disturbed by the plethora of Jetsons' themed porn that appeared when I searched "Jetsons Image". Gross.}

Where was I?  Oh ya, lists. 

Anywhoo, Birthdays are my favorite.  Certainly it's no surprise that a borderline narcissist like me would live for the one day of the year where it's kind of absolutely all about ME.  Because I love to celebrate my birthday, I just assume that everyone else in the world does too.  Please don't bother me with the fact that this might not be the case.  I really don't have time to recognize the diversity of the world's feelings and desires.  After all, there are items to be crossed off my growing list of "To DO" lists.  Priorities, people, priorities.

My love of birthdays led me to add a related item to my Day Zero list.  I'm on a mission to send out a gaggle of birthday cards this year!  That self imposed mission was made a lot more fun recently.  A few weeks ago, the lovelies over at BonBon Rose Girls hosted the most insane giveaway week to celebrate their anniversary.  I was fortunate enough to be picked as one of the winners and received these adorable cards in the mail from Little Laws Prints.

Aren't they sweet?  I was able to choose from a group of pre-designed cards and given the option to personalize them however I wanted.  I decided rather than have my name put on the cards; I'd turn my winnings into birthday cards. Try not to fall over yourself while being impressed by my ingenuity.

But, do feel free to stop by Little Laws Prints and pick up a set for yourself.   Also, if your birthday is coming up (and we actually know one another), there is a good chance you will see one of these pretties in your mailbox.  Would you be willing to act surprised?