Oscar Fashion Wrap Up

This year's Oscar celebration has come and gone.  I'm going to say it, I wasn't all that blown away by the show itself.  There were not a ton of surprises when it came to winners, pretty slow pacing and James Franco kind of seemed like he hit the Pineapple Express prop room before taking to the stage.  But, really as much as I loooooooove movies, the Oscar telecast is primarily about the fashion for me.

As I watched last night, I was kind of underwhelmed.  There were lots of pretty dresses, but none that made me gasp!  Then this morning as I was compiling my list the gasping began.  I'm so excited that I think there may be nothing accomplished at my house multiple red carpet posts today!

I'm kind of bummed that so many of these photos are pretty blown out! I'm not sure if it's the subtle colors of the gowns or the multitude of flash bulbs on the carpet, but the vibrancy of these dresses is just not translating here.  Booooo. 

But, I'm not going to let that stop me from dishing my favorite looks of the night.  Onward...

Mila Kunis wore a fantastically sexy Elie Saab with Neil Lane jewels.  I believe she was the evening's best dressed. The lace detailing on the bust and the beautiful lilac color against her skin tone made this one a winner for me.  She was a pure knock out.  The fact that I noticed her AT ALL during the show, considering she was presenting with my boyfriend Justin Timberlake, is a testament to just how lovely she looked. It is no surprise to me that she was chosen as one of InStyle's Looks of the Day.  This dress is one for the record books.

Michelle Williams is fast becoming one of my favorite style icons.  This brilliant white Chanel creation is out of this world. Plus, I've said it before, but her pixie cut is perfection.  Ms. Williams is giving us a clear example of how to execute "pretty" in a totally sleek and modern way.

Now, Gwyneth Paltrow may have really bored me during her vocal performance last night, but on the red carpet it was a whole different story.  This Calvin Klein Collection gown was a stunner.  Her hair, makeup and jewels were utter perfection.  Hey, Matthew McConaughey, pay attention.  You could take a lesson or two from Ms. Paltrow when it comes to "tanning."  She is sun kissed with out looking McConaughey orange.

I have a feeling this may not be a popular choice, but I fell in love at first sight with Marissa Tomei's look.  This vintage 1950 Charles James gown made my heart skip a beat.  I love the ultra modest sweet heart neck line. I love the exaggerated fluffy mermaid silhouette. I think the color is a dream. Meanwhile, her modern take on the bombshell wave is just what the dress needed to make the look more 2011.  Tomei, to me, looked like pure Hollywood glamor. 

Perhaps this is another unpopular choice, but let me explain myself before you attack.  While I don't for a moment think that this is the best Hilary Swank has ever looked.  I am head over heels in love with this Gucci Premiere gown. Head. Over. Heels.  Those whimsical, ombré feathers are beyond magical to me. They make me crazy, in the best way.  I love her clutch and I appreciate that with all that "magical craziness" going on at the bottom of her look, she kept things neat and understated in the hair, makeup and jewelery department.

Ahhh, Camila Alves.  This Kaufman Franco dress looks so classic but is still thoroughly modern.  I'm blown away by the plunge neckline and simply crazy about that full skirt.  And this picture is the one time I'm grateful it's a bit blown out.  It keeps her hubby from looking like a ripe tangerine.

Who was your favorite last night?