Ik Hou Van Jou

One of the tasks on my Day Zero List is to learn to say "I Love You" in 25 languages.
I figured when better to start the process than on Valentine's day???

So, I've picked 25 languages at random and found semi-phonetic spellings of "I love you." Here's my list in no particular except alphabetical order:

Ek is lief vir jou ** Yes kez sirumen ** Obicham te ** Miluji te ** Jeg Elsker Dig ** Ik hou van je ** Afgreki’ ** Tora dost daram ** Je t'aime ** Ta gra agam ort ** Ich liebe dich ** S’agapo ** Mwen remen ou  ** Anee ohevet otakh (female to female)/ Anee ohevet otkha (female to male) ** Szeretlek ** Ti amo ** Aishiteru ** Saranghaeyo ** Wo ai ni ** Ya tebya lyubyu ** Te amo / Te quiero ** Jag alskar day ** Ch'an rak khun (female to male) ** Ya tebe kokhayu ** Ikh hob dikh lib

Do you recognize any?? Did the Internet I get any TOTALLY wrong??

In case you're interested in playing along, here are the languages I've chosen:

Afrikaans ** Armenian ** Bulgarian ** Czech ** Danish ** Dutch ** Ethiopian ** Farsi ** French ** Gaelic ** German ** Greek ** Haitian Creole ** Hebrew ** Hungarian ** Italian ** Japanese ** Korean ** Mandarin Chinese ** Russian ** Spanish ** Swedish ** Thai ** Ukrainian ** Yiddish

Stay tuned, I plan to show off my newly acquired skill with a VERY {insert appropriate adjective here} video when I'm all finished.

In the meantime, hope this V-day is extra special and full of loads of chocolate.