Happy Thoughts (10)

Extra Shifts At Work
{Get it? I'm bringing home the bacon!}

The Book of Philippians
I'm reading the book of Philippians A LOT thanks to my friend Charlotte.

A Shopping Ban
Part of my 30 for 30 challenge is a shopping hiatus that forces me love my closet even more than I usually do! Yippee for self imposed shopping bans.
{That sounded kind of sarcastic. But this might be the first time in the history of A Foreign Land that sarcasm was NOT intended}

Flourless Chocolate Cake
The hubby had a birthday this week and I made him my first ever flourless chocolate cake.
It was out of this world and I may have teared up last night when we ate the last pieces of it.

Words with Friends
I'm totally obsessed.
I think I've got 15 games going.
{This is NOT a pic of one of my games. But let me know if you want to play! I'm open to #16.}

Hey! Hey! Hey!
Check this out...

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