Back in the Saddle

In the Catholic Church there's a period of time during the year that's known as "ordinary time."  Basically, it's the remainder of the year that wouldn't be considered: Lent, Easter, Advent & Christmas.  {All my Catholic friends and family, please chime in if I'm missing anything}  Ordinary time is the non-holiday season. All the fancy decorations come out of the sanctuary, the priests go back to simple everyday robes and worship returns to its regularly scheduled programming.  I remember feeling such a letdown each time I would read we were back in ordinary time.  I would wish wish wish that Christmas would hurry up and get here.  I'd dream about all the special Easter celebrations.  I'd hope for anything to get us OUT of "ordinary time."  After all, who wants to be ordinary, right?

I've been thinking a lot about "ordinary time" over the last few days.  We've put away the Christmas decorations and meals have begun to look a little greener and a little less doused in gravy or heavy cream.  Schedules, though tweaked a bit with my new job, are settling back down and the daily "to do" list is full of toilet cleaning, coupon cutting and of course blogging. Trips to the gym are once again on the agenda and quiet nights at home are abundant. Life feels like a full body exhale.  Perhaps it's my resolution taking a firm grip on my life, but as I look at this year's "ordinary time" I'm not tempted to wish it away.  As much as I love the holiday season, getting back to real life has been such a relief.

"Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities."
~Aldous Huxley~

What are you loving about life after the holiday season?