Let's Face It, I've Got a Big Mouth

Q: When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

A: Ummm, if you've met me at all, even once, you should be able to answer this question.  Obviously, I'll have said more than I could have ever done. 

Two reasons: First, I'm REALLY opinionated and I am not afraid to share my opinions with anyone willing to stand in one place long enough to hear whichever one I'm sharing at the moment.  Second, I really like to hear myself talk.  I talk a lot.  I talk loudly.  I talk to anyone and everyone.  {Well, I don't talk to strangers in grocery stores, because that's just weird, but you get the point.}

I understand that this prompt is designed to encourage civic and community involvement.  It's probably included on the list to get people to realize that all our moaning and complaining and whining and bitching is pointless unless we get out in our world and "Be the Difference."  And I get it.  I need that reminder.  It's easy to stay focused on my own little world and forget that there's a big world out there in which I'm called to serve and be involved.  Duly noted.

But from a practical standpoint, there is just no way I could I ever "do" more than I "say."  I'm 34 years behind and showing no indication of shutting up soon to make evening the scales possible.  So, I'm just being honest when I say that when all is said and done, I will have SAID waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I'll have done.  And honestly, I'm not all that broken up about it.

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