Happy Thoughts (5)

Memorable Thanksgiving Feasts
Check out Lexi's play-by-play of our Turkey Day Celebration to learn more about this gorgeous table...
{I made her shoot photos in exchange for food}

Musicals on the Big Screen

Working Retail During the Holiday Season
I'm actually really enjoying it now...

Moments of Contentment
even when they are brief

An Alarm System that I Trust
The hubby was out of town last night and the dog started barking at like 4 in the morning for seemingly no reason (except that sometimes he's a pain in the butt).  I had one of those sleepy, scary, "I wonder if someone is breaking into the house," moments.  Thankfully, I was able to get back to sleep right away because I thought about how quickly I could just open a window or door and summon the police to my aid. Thanks for rescuing my night's sleep, ADT.

Just because Thanksgiving is over we don't have to stop being thankful! 
What's on your happy list this week?