Happy Thoughts

The Hubby's Penguin Feet

Adorable Friends in Onesies
(that are not part of Halloween Costumes)


Big Bowls of Halloween Candy

Fantastically Fun & Creative Parties
(this weekend we watched a movie under the stars on our friend's patio.  too. much. fun.)


Inspired by Kelly, I've made another list.


But, this one is a tad bit different. This one has a deadline. 
June 25, 2013
That's 1001 days from the day I started.

One of the items on said list is to identify 100 things that make me happy... Let the happy thoughts begin!

Check out Day Zero and make a list of your own...
Let me know if you do so I can cross "inspire someone to make a day zero list" off my list!

What's making you happy this first day of November?
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