Teeny Tiny Bump in the Road

The death of Barbara Billingsley (aka June Cleaver) has left me in a domestic mood.  I decided to try a new June Cleaverish task each day this week in her honor.

On Sunday I attempted, and successfully made, my first batch of apple sauce.
And yesterday I sat myself in front of the sewing machine!

I wrote about my desire for a sewing machine last year and was graciously loaned one by my sister in law.  Unfortunately for the last 10 months it has collected dust waited patiently for me to take a few minutes to learn how to thread the dang thing and put it to use.  June Cleaver week seemed like the perfect time to do it. 

Well, guess what?  I figured it out!

The story doesn't end there, unfortunately. Once I had mastered a few quick and simple stitches on the machine I figured it was time to tackle THIS skirt tutorial that I've had my eye on for months. I was feeling pretty excited and a bit full of myself.

Turns out my excitement was short lived.  One seam in and the plastic anchor that holds the bobbin in place came lose and somehow got mangled. This has rendered the machine unusable.

Don't give me that look, June!

Thankfully, I found a little locally owned repair shop online, called them this morning and the machine will hopefully be back in business in no time.  Just like June I'm not going to let a little set back stop me from taking my place in the house wife hall of fame. Wait, there is a house wife hall of fame right?  Otherwise what am I doing all of this crap for? I don't need the lousy sense of accomplishment I'm going for the recognition...

I'll keep you posted.

Do you sew or more importantly have you ever busted a sewing machine after one day's use?