Tech Free 24 - Play by Play

9:30     Publish post and power down computer.
9:31     Now What?
9:32     Today’s Wednesday, so it’s grocery day. Crap! I need Southern Savers to make my list and print coupons. OK, well, my tech free day can start after that.
9:33     Power computer back on.
10:30   Finally done with the preparation and now it’s time to go tech free, so computer is powered down.
10:31   Now what?
10:32   I guess I’ll take a shower and get ready. What should I wear today? Hmmm… it depends on the weather. Shoot! Checking the weather on my phone doesn’t count does it?
10:33   Briefly use iPhone to check forecast. After this, I'm tech free. I swear.
10:35   Shower and get ready. Fight urge to check my email.
12:00   Out the door to head to the thrift shop. Guess I should turn the car radio off too.
12:15   Pull into parking lot – resist urge to check Facebook.
2:30     Leave America’s Thrift with a sack full of thrifty goodness and head to the grocery store.
3:00     Damn! I forgot to write down that pumpkin muffin recipe… I could look it up… I guess I’ll just grab a couple cans of pumpkin and hope for the best.
4:00     Home from the grocery store. Food put away… now what? I don’t need to watch Oprah. I don’t need to watch Oprah. Today’s episode sounded lame anyway. At least I didn’t do this tomorrow when those sister wives are being interviewed. I don’t want to miss that one. Maybe I’ll play dress up with new thrift store finds.
5:05     Crap! Fifteen outfits in and I'm going to be late for class if I don’t move it. Without that clock in the lower right hand corner in front of my face I totally lost track of time! This would have never happened if I’d been watching Oprah.
6:30     Class is over. Hey! It’s the end of business I get to check my email! Only once today, better make it count. Jackpot! So much unread mail! I feel so popular!
7:00     Now what? With the hubby out of town, I’ve got to eat dinner alone without. the. television. And with no distraction I'm going to pay attention to the food I'm eating.
7:30     I think I just ate two adult portions of porcini stuffed ravioli. Actually, I know I did. I watched myself. I never would feel this guilt if I were watching Entertainment Tonight.
8:00     The house is so quiet.
8:30     Can’t choreograph – all the music is on the computer
            Can’t learn to use my sewing machine – the tutorials are online.
            Can’t clean the house – I'm way to lazy tired to do that.
            I wonder what Kendi wore today?
8:31     Interpreter of Maladies + gummy bears = lovely evening
11:00   Bed time
7:30     Alarm
7:31     Resist urge to check email/Facebook/twitter
8:20     Need to text friend who has important meeting this morning. Dang! Only have her home phone in my cell… cheat and get on Facebook briefly to send her an encouraging message. It’s worth the cheat.
8:30     Good thing I have a hard copy of daily reading from visit to STL church last weekend. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known what passage to choose since daily readings are sent out through twitter.
10:00   Drive to gym. No radio in the car is kind of nice. The quiet helps to stay centered and relaxed. Huh? Who’d have thought??
11:15   Headed home from class. Tech free 24 hours is over!!! I get to check email!!! SO. I. DO. But, I think I’ll keep the radio off … just for the drive home.

5:00     I had no idea how attached I am to the Internet. That's a lie - I had SOME idea.  But it felt pretty nice to take a little break. Maybe this is something I’ll do more often!

Thanks for the support and encouragement yesterday!
I'm glad to know I'm not the only junkie around here.

P.S.  Somebody's been trolling my blog for story ideas.  I'm looking at you YAHOO!  (thanks for finding this article and sharing Andrea.