The Saga of the Skirt

As mentioned earlier this week, I finally sat down for a little quality time with my sewing machine only to have her throw a little fit and give me the silent treatment one seam into my MUCH ANTICIPATED skirt.
But, I knew that June Cleaver would never give up so easily.  So, I took the machine into a local shop and said a little prayer.  While I waited I made pumpkin bread, cleaned a toilet or two and invited some girlfriends over for coffee.  All the while wearing pearls.

That's June's smile of approval...

Well, there's been a major development in the saga of the skirt.  Turns out the part that was broken was easily (and cheaply) replaceable and the machine is back in working order.  Such great working order in fact that I finished the skirt last night!

I won't show you a picture because I REALLY want you to come see its debut next week over at Leaving the House in THIS?!?  How's that for a tease?  And I'm not even charging myself an advertising fee.  It pays to know people. 


The skirt is finished and it turns out that it was very, very easy to make.  And it was very, very inexpensive.

It was just $8.00 for the material/thread/elastic.  Well, plus the $10 I spent last year on sewing supplies just to get started (seam ripper, pins, practice fabric, etc.).  And I guess you should count the $15 manual I had to purchase to work the machine.  Then there's the $16 for the replacement part.  And we're not even going to think about the $100 for the RECOMMENDED cleaning and tune up on the machine that I didn't have done.


Okay, so maybe I'm a little bit in the hole on this whole sewing project (Please let the hubby NOT be reading this post... Please let the hubby NOT be reading this post).  But, I'm certain all these expenditures will pay off in the long run as I fill my closet with slightly irregular inexpensive handmade items.