A Morning Reboot

Ummmm, I just wrote the snarkiest, ickiest post in my head.  It was full of accusation and sarcasm and hate.  It had lots of hurtful innuendo packed into it.  The more I fleshed it out, the more it made me feel yucky.

So I deleted it PERMANENTLY (i hope) from my brain.

It was not how I wanted to start the new week.  It was not the way I wanted to communicate with you... the you who are my friends, the readers of this blog, the people I've come to enjoy and appreciate.  I didn't want to infect you with my cynicism on this beautiful Monday morning.  Plus, I didn't want to give those snarky, icky thoughts any more real estate in my brain or on this blog.

Instead, I'm hoping my thoughts look something like this today:

After the beautiful weekend that we just had (more on that to come), I want to focus on gratitude and all the gorgeous, amazing blessings in my life.  Be gone, Mr. Snark.  You're not welcome around these parts. 

At least not today.

Happy Monday to you guys!! 
Hope you're having a snark-free day.