One of the items on my Ultimate To DO list is to visit each of the 50 states (& D.C).  The only "rule" I have for "completion" is that I need photographic proof of my visit – preferably with ME in the shot.

Back in July I posted the first installment of the pictures and in August I posted volume two. Even though I’ve probably been to about 46 of the states (I'm including DC in that number) I either didn’t take a picture or I can’t find a picture that I took. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means I get to visit some places again. I’ve found 26 pictures and am proud to be half of the way there! Yahoo! Only having 26 means there are still plenty of excuses to take trips around these beautiful United States.

As I mentioned last time, instead of overloading you with all the pictures at once, I'm giving them to you in smaller batches. Today’s installment is entitled, “Winnebago!”

I have a friend, KC, that welcomed me into her family when we were in fourth grade.  One of the many, many perks of being a part of the clan was a guaranteed seat in the Winnebago every summer when it set off around the country.  During summer vacations in college (and beyond) we'd pack ourselves into the Winnebago and take off on the open road.  Each trip delivered tons of memories and also helped me cross lots of states off the list.

(more accurately Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco)

Right before a delicious Lobster Dinner

New Hampshire


South Carolina
Myrtle Beach
(OK, so this wasn't college OR a Winnebago trip.  It was High School in a pop up camper - but the same cast of characters was involved.)

South Dakota
The Corn Palace ~ Definitely one of the highlights of SD

Arches National Park

Pretty sure the location is obvious

The only thing that makes me sad about this post (well, other than the fact that since KC has kids I don't get an automatic seat on the Winnebago anymore! WTF???) is how many states we went through that I don't have pics to prove!  GRRRRR.  Oh well, at least I still have the memories.