A Place Where Plants Go to DIE

Not every attempted activity on my list is going to be a success, right?
Case in point.

Goal: Keep a house plant ALIVE for 1 year

Last October I adopted another plant and set out to nurture and care for it.  Despite countless failures in the past, I had high hopes this time.

Here's my House Plant in October of 2009

Here it is today.
I'm pretty sure it's not coming back in the next couple of weeks... what do you think?

Just to add salt to the wound, do you remember these lovelies??? 
This picture was taken back in JULY!!!

Well, take a gander at them TODAY...

It's disgraceful, I know.  This is why I hope you'll understand that I am taking the whole "Keep a house plant alive for 1 year" off the Ultimate To DO list. SERIOUSLY, one of those outdoor plants is a cactus!!!!!!! I just don't think any more helpless plants need to die in order for me to prove once again that I am less nurturing than a desert.

I'm willingly admitting defeat.  I will probably never have a house full of beautiful plants.  I've accepted the fact that my thumbs are flesh colored.

Somebody PLEASE tell me that they have as much difficulty keeping plants alive as I do...