More Tour

The tour of Chattanooga continues today with a stop at the Bluff View Art District.

High up on a hill just east of downtown Chattanooga is another gem. Packed with restaurants, the Hunter Museum of American Art, a super cool sculpture garden (We shot here for Spring Fashion Week) and a bocce ball court overlooking the Tennessee river.

The area isn’t enormous, but its size makes it a manageable day trip size attraction.


The Bluff View Art District just happens to be the home of Rembrandt’s a delightful little coffee shop where you can find the best chicken salad in Chattanooga. It also serves Snickerdoodle coffee which is quite possibly the most scrumptious flavored coffee I’ve ever tasted. Rembrandt’s is also my most favorite place to meet Miss Lexi (btw, she is again responsible for these photos ~ Thanks, Lexi) and chat. I dare say our relationship developed into deep friendship there – week after week! Are you catching what I'm saying? It’s a pretty awesome place.


Now, you’ll notice that I'm still wearing shorts. Yes, I know that temps are dropping around the country and fall is just around the corner. People are donning scarves and boots and even cardigans. In Chattanooga our temperatures have dropped all the way down to 92 degrees! Woo HOOOOOOO. That’s downright temperate, right? So, we’re still in shorts in these parts. But I'm definitely looking forward to fall which will probably come in a few months.


This is me trying not to flash a super sized grin.
What do you think? Is a semi-smirk acceptable?

White T-shirt: Limited ~ last seen here
High Wasted Sailboat Shorts: Thrifted
(FYI: they’re Liz Claiborne so my mother and mother in law are swooning right now since each think she can do no wrong)
Red Polka Dot Flats: DSW

Yep, I'm much more comfortable with this one.